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Grey Serpeggiante Mosaic Wood Grain Grey

Material:Marble Mosaic   Origin:   Time:13/10/2017

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305x305mm305x610mm75x150mm etc




polishedhonedantiquebush-hammerednatural split etc


Product Description

Wear resistance : 2,87 mm/km
Impact strength : 15 Kg/cm
Specific gravity : 2,72 gr/m3
Volume weight : 2,68 gr/m3
Compressive strength in the natural state : 1.775 Kg/cm2
Compressive strength water-saturated : 1.670 Kg/cm2
Finishing:polished, honed, antique, bush-hammered, natural split etc.
Size:305x305mm, 305x610mm, 75x150mm etc.
Chip size:10x10mm, 15x48mm or as per your request
Thickness:8mm,10mm etc.
Back:mesh mounted

Material: Marble,Granite,Limetone,Travertine,Wooden Stone,Slate

Size:  30.5x61x1cm,30.5X30.5X1cm,7.5x15x1cm,29.7x29.7cm can according customer design details

Finished:  Polished,honed,tumbled,antiqued,...

Packing:  5 Sheets Per Box, 72 Boxes Per Pallet, 28 Pallets Per Container

Delivery Detail:  20-25 Working Days After Order Confirmed

Mount:  Mesh-mounted,Directly instal on wall with plain glue

Usage:  Interior and Exterior,floor and wall,Kitchen backsplash

Payment:  L/C, T/T, Western Union

Features of Natural Stone Mosaics:

1, Environmental Conservation

Shell mosaics, marble mosaics and jade mosaics are made of pure natural materials, and no harmful substances are added during the processing. In today's pursuit of environmental protection and the pursuit of nature, the mosaic of these natural materials most satisfy people's environmental protection concept. 

2, Strong Decoration

Using the form of the mosaic puzzle to strengthen the decorative, mosaic is very rich in materials and colorful ranges; it gradually evolved from the traditional small stone to a variety of materials with shells, tiles, metal and glass as raw material. Mosaic can incisively explain the material itself temperament and sentiment. In the decoration of indoor space, mosaic can be as decorated materials to other decoration materials, can also be used as large mosaic background wall; Mosaic can be used as gradient tiles, also can be used as various kinds of geometric arrangement. Mosaic brick with its rich pattern gives people shock and aesthetic feeling, bringing home space a new feeling.

3, Mosaic Has a Long Service Life

Because the mosaic of the main raw materials are mostly natural stone, in its wear resistance, is the tiles and wood flooring and other decorative materials can not be compared. Because of the small gap between each piece of small pieces of mosaic brick, the formation of its resistance to stress than other decorative materials more advantages, which is mosaic can go through the millennium unchanged from the ancient Roman times into our modern life, and Blooming it's wonderful.  

4, Mosaic is Scarcity

Scarcity is reflected in its raw material is a natural and non-renewable resources, such as marble mosaic, the formation of marble is experienced in the long-term squeeze, high temperature, buried calcium carbonate or calcium carbonate and other substances produce structural deterioration results. With the continuous exploitation of natural minerals, resources will gradually dried up, its value will continue to improve.  

5, Mosaic With Safety

Has a good anti-skid and wear resistance mosaic brick is widely used in bathing, swimming pool, kitchen and toilet space and other non-slip demanding places, compared to other traditional materials both practical and beautiful.

6, Mosaic Has a Personalization

Mosaic to some like DIY fashion influx of people can have more space to show their own creativity. In addition, a stainless steel mosaic is no longer confined to kitchen and toilet space, use it to do TV backdrop, living room backdrop and bedroom or entrance decoration, there will be extraordinary effect. Mosaic art reflects the personality and natural beauty exudes fragrant fragrance.

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